Calcium Supplement (soluble) – 700gm


It is a complementary food to use in all kind of animals. It enables calcium input in an extremely available way, in cases of nutritional deficit. This deficit calcium situation can take place especially when birds have major requirements (egg production and growth) and their diet is based in seed mix (very poor in calcium).

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Directions of use:

It can be supplied diluted in drinking water or sprinkled and mixed with the food. It should be taken into account that this kind of supplement does not allow birds to self-regulate the calcium ingest, as opposed when they have at their disposal solid source of calcium (calcium grit). The dosage to apply will be very conditioned to calcium level of the diet base. If the base of the diet consists in a correctly formulated complete feed, calcium soluble supplements are unnecessary and its use will be restricted to moments of maximum demand (laying and growth) and always under low dosages. If the base of the diet consists in a seed mix, calcium deficit will be higher and consequently the dosage to apply will be higher. In any case, we recommend that an essential part of supplementary calcium input is done through a calcium source of voluntary ingestion: calcium grit.

From 10 to 30 g per liter of drinking water or from 25 to 75 g per kg of food, depending on the calcium level of the base of the diet and the circumstantial requirements of the birds. In the case that the diet of the birds is based on our feeds and eggfoods, the diet is rich enough in calcium and we do not recommend to provide this supplement. However, we recommend to ensure that birds always have calcium grit freely available. In this way, we remove the risk of an over-intake calcium, which could result with problems related to hypercalcemia.

Composition Minerals:

Calcium gluconate, sodium chloride. Flavourings: blend of flavourings.

Analytical components:
Moisture 2,0 %, Crude protein 0,0 %, Crude oils and fats 0,0 %, Crude fibre 0,0 %, Crude ash 95,5 %, Calcium 8 %, Sodium 3,6%

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